Me, Mom, Aunt Jo, Uncle Bob, and Cousin John

Me, Mom, Aunt Jo, Uncle Bob, and Cousin John
Me, Mom, Aunt Jo, Uncle Bob, Cousin John

Monday, October 31, 2011

Where's the Halloween Party?

About 4 years ago this season,after getting mom settled in bed, I went up to watch a movie with Dave. About halfway through, I took a break to get a drink and check on Mom. The front door was cracked and someone was frantically knocking and ringing the doorbell. I reluctantly answered. A neighbor woman was pointing down the street and said they were coming home from a party and Mom was laying in the street. They had already called 911. Mom was in her nightgown, but carrying her day clothes and shoes. She had been 'showing the imaginary people where the party was'. She was bruised and scrapped all down her right side and xrays showed her right cheek to be broken. It was at that time we put guard locks on the inside of all the doors and didn't leave her alone day or night. My self or one of my daughters began sleeping in her room at night. Before that we had a monitor system set up, but she had made no noise at all during her 'escape'.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Potty Training for Caregivers

I haven't felt like blogging lately. Sometimes there's not a lot to say that isn't depressing, so I'm going to write about something funny, but inappropriate that Kinsey and I have to laugh about instead of cry about... not to offend you or dishonor Mom in anyway. It's the kind of manipulation that parents do with each other, when they don't want to do the changing diapers or potty training and such. You might think it's cruel, but not anymore cruel than talking about your baby's diapering. Last week Kinsey text me to say, " Did you have to pump Mimi full of laxatives right before my shift?! We had a huge explosion here!" I had to literally laugh out loud...for a long time...all day! I text back, "Well, if you would just give her a small stool softener every day on your shift, I wouldn't have to do that."